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Certain Functions Are Not Working

If functions like Bank Up/Down, Toggle Page etc are not working, it is likely that your device is still in Editor Mode. In Editor Mode, a number of functions are disabled to help with editing.

Some of these functions include:

  • MIDI Clock

  • Waveform Generators

  • Sequencers

  • Banks Jump

  • Keystrokes

When using your device, make sure that you have exited Editor Mode.

For example, when a user presses Preset C to load the settings in the Editor, and Preset C has a Bank Up message, the Bank Up function is disabled so that the device will not change bank when the user wants to just load the preset settings to the Editor.

Turning off this setting

It is possible to turn off this setting, so that all functions will execute when you press any switch on the device. You can do so by going to Editor Settings and then turning off the Load Preset Data into Editor using Switch Press setting. This will allow you to execute all functions, but no data will be loaded into the editor. You will need to load data into the editor by selecting the preset in the dropdown list.

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