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Disabling Bank Up / Bank Down / Toggle Page


If you are accidentally hitting two switches and unintentionally banking up, banking down or toggling the page, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of this or disabling it altogether.


Increasing the Switch Sensitivity to 5

This will make it very hard to trigger a function using a 2 button press.

Using Looper Mode

You can also have the controller engage Looper Mode on boot up, which is similar to having the Switch Sensitivity set to 5. You can do this by programming a Bank Preset on Bank 1 to engage Looper Mode with an On Enter event.

Dual Switch Lock in Controller Settings

There is a Dual Switch Lock setting in the Controller Settings page which allows you to disable any functions that is executed by pressing 2 switches.

If you need to change banks while in Dual Switch presses are disabled, there are a few ways to do it:

  1. Use an Aux Switch for a dedicated Bank Up/Down control

  2. Program a preset to go into Bank Change Mode so you can change banks from there

  3. Program a preset to Bank Up or Bank Down

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