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In this article, we will cover terms used in the manual and what they mean.

Bank Presets

Each Bank can be programmed to send multiple messages on these events:

  • On Enter

  • On Exit

This setting can be programmed in the Bank Settings tab in the editor.

Looper Mode

Refers to the controller state where the delay when pressing a switch to when the preset is executed is reduced to 0. Hence, MIDI messages are executed immediately when the switch is pressed, but executing dual switch presses will not be possible unless the switches are stepped on at EXACTLY the same time. Users can enter Looper Mode by programming a Preset Message Type


Each Bank contains multiple (depending on your device model) Presets that you can program to send MIDI messages or execute certain functions using a Switch action such as Press, Long Press etc. In the MC3, MC6MKII and MC8, each preset contains 16 programmable messages.

Message Scroll Mode

Message Scroll Mode allows the Preset to scroll through each of the 16 Messages in the Preset.

For example, if you have Msg 1, 2 and 3 programmed with a RELEASE action and Preset Message Scroll mode is ON, on first RELEASE, only Msg 1 will be executed. On the next RELEASE, Msg 2 will be executed. On the next RELEASE, Msg 3 will be executed. It will then loop back to Msg 1.

Preset Toggle

Each Preset has 2 positions. By using the Preset Toggle feature, you can send different messages each time you engage the same Preset. You just need to set the Preset Toggle feature to On for your Preset, and then program the messages you want to send out in Pos 1 (Position 1) or Pos 2. When the Preset is toggled, you can program the Controller to show a different name. This is called the Toggle Name. You can also have the Controller to blink the name to indicate that the Preset is in Pos 2. This can be done by turning the Toggle Blink function to On.

Shift State

Besides the different toggle positions (1 & 2) a Preset can be in, a Preset can also be in a Shift state to execute messages that are set to Shift

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