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Sending incremental/decremental PC numbers or CC Values

It is possible to send incremental or decremental (by 1) PC messages with the MIDI controllers. This feature is further enhanced in Firmware v3.8.

Firmware v3.8.x onwards

In Firmware v3.8.x onwards, we added the Scroll Counter settings in the Controller Setting. Here, you can edit the start, minimum and maximum values for each of your 16 counters. The start value is the value that the counter will be at when the device powers up.

Do note that the Counters are labelled using the hexadecimal notation 0 - F, which in decimal terms is 1 - 16.


After programming your Scroll Counter settings, you need to program your Preset to send the CC or PC message using values from the Counters. I’ll be using the PC Number Scroll message type for this example. You can send incremental/decremental CC values as well using the CC Value Scroll message type. The concept is the same.

For the Scroll Type parameter, there are a few options to choose from

  • Send only sends the PC message without changing the counter value

  • Increase by 1 and send will increase the counter value by 1 and then send the PC message

  • Decrease by 1 and send will decrease the counter value by 1 and then send the PC message

  • Update only will just update the counter value

  • Reset only will just reset the counter value to the default value

If I want to send an incremental PC number each time I engage the preset, I’ll choose the Increase by 1 and send option.

The next parameter PC Number as value in Counter allows you to select the Counter that you want to use (from Counter 0 - F). I’ll choose Counter 0 for this. I’ll also set my MIDI Channel to 1.

After saving these settings, each time I engage the Preset, the PC number sent will increase by 1, as seen on the MIDI Monitor.

Scrolling through multiple PC messages with the same PC number

The setting below will send an incremental PC message on both Channel 1 and 2. Both PC messages will use the value in Counter 0.

If I check the MIDI Monitor, the following messages will be sent out each time the Preset is engaged.

Firmware v3.7

In Firmware v3.7, using the PC Scroll Up or PC Scroll Down message type will allow you to send incremental or decremental messages respectively.

The setting below will

  • Use Slot (or Counter) 1 with a lower limit of 0 and upper limit of 127. It will also increment the number each time the Preset is engaged

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