Running the Web Editor on Mobile devices, while possible, is not officially supported. If you have any issues trying to get this to work, we cannot guarantee any solution.

There are 2 ways to connect the controller to your phone

  • Via a USB Adaptor

  • Using a Bluetooth Dongle (For the MC6MKII and MC8)

Connecting using a Bluetooth dongle in iOS

We recommend using the CME WIDI Master or WIDI Jack for this. Using the WIDI uHost will work a well, but as of 2022-01-07, there is a bug in the uHost firmware which prevents it from working properly with the Editor. CME has communicated that they will release a fix soon.

You will need to install the midimittr application in iOS, which manages Bluetooth MIDI connections.

Once you have the Bluetooth dongle connected to your iOS device, you can run the Web MIDI Browser app to open the Web Editor.

Connecting using a Bluetooth dongle in Android

If you are not able to connect to the Bluetooth dongle in Android via the native Bluetooth option, you will need to install an app called Bluetooth MIDI Connect.

Connecting using a USB adapter

For iOS, you will need the USB Camera Adaptor to connect your iOS device to your controller. Your device may still need to be powered with a 9VDC power supply. If your Apple device shows This accessory is not supported after you connect the controller, try using a better quality USB cable.

Please note that using a USB C to Lightning cable will not work. The Apple USB Camera Adaptor has a built-in circuitry to allow it to communicate to a USB device. More info here: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/251973717

For Android, you will need to use a USB B adaptor and suit whatever your Mobile device connection is (Micro USB, USB C etc).

Running the Editor on iOS

We have an iOS app on the Apple Appstore.

Running the Web Editor on Android

Use Google Chrome on Android. Use the mobile-optimised Web Editor URL.