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Neural DSP

Controlling Plugins with MIDI

MIDI Mapping

If you are intending to send only one message to trigger a function in a Neural DSP plugin, be sure to set the MIDI Type to CC Toggle. The CC message needs to have a value of 127.

Running in Logic Pro X

Make sure you open your Neural plugin in a Software Instrument track and not an Audio track. If you use an Audio Track, you will not be able to MIDI control the plugin. In the plugin window, select Side Chain > Input > Select the input your guitar is connected to.

MIDI mapping for Neural plugins works the same in Logic Pro X as in standalone. However, one quirk we noticed is that using PC messages to recall presets does not work when running in Logic. Instead, you will need to use ‘CC Preset’ and CC messages to recall your Neural presets.

Quad Cortex

Controlling the Looper

When controlling REC/STOP, PLAY/STOP etc via MIDI on the QC, the Looper UI needs to be accessed via MIDI i.e assigning the Looper UI to a Preset and then accessing it via MIDI. If you access the Looper UI via the QC directly, the MIDI commands will not work.

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