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Remapping MIDI channels

This feature allows you to remap a MIDI channel to a different channel. This means that, if you have a Strymon Timeline set to MIDI Channel 1 in all your messages, and don’t want to go through the hassle of updating all your messages in your controller, you can make use of the Remap MIDI Channel feature.

This feature can be found in the Controller Settings tab

For example, the setting below is the default, where no MIDI channels are remapped. The Timeline sends on MIDI Channel 1.

And you have your presets set to send MIDI channels to Channel 1 to communicate with the Timeline:

If, for whatever reason, you need to change your Timeline MIDI Channel to MIDI channel 13 instead, you can make use of the remap feature in the Controller Settings and just remap MIDI Channel 1 to Channel 13.

Now, all MIDI messages sent on Channel 1 will be sent on Channel 13 instead.

Incoming MIDI messages

This feature also affects incoming MIDI messages. If you have incoming MIDI messages from another source that is sending on Channel 2, for example, and you want to change that to Channel 5, you can also make use of this feature.

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