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Setlist Manager Manual


The Offline Editor allows you to create data files without any device connected, or edit existing data files, so you can load them into your Morningstar MIDI Controller at a later time.

Top controls

Hide/Show Bank Details

Determines whether the Bank Details below the header is shown or hidden.


Double-click this button to clear the entire file

Load from File

Opens an “All Banks” data dump file to load into the editor

Save to File

Saves the current data to your computer as an “All Banks” data dump file

Editing Presets

Click on the Preset button that you wish to edit. A dialog box will appear which will allow you to edit the Preset Data. After editing, click on Save Preset to save your changes, or Cancel to revert back to your original Preset settings.

Re-ordering Banks

Drag and drop the banks into position by clicking on the Bank header.

Bank Control Options


Double-click on this button to clear the bank data


Click to copy the bank data


Click to paste the last copied bank data

Load From File

Load a “Single Bank” data dump file into the selected Bank

Save To File

Saves the selected back to your computer as a “Single Bank” data dump file.

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