Using Nixie with the MC6MKII or MC8

We have a tutorial published here on getting it set up: Using Strymon Nixie with Morningstar Controllers

If you have other MIDI devices in your signal chain, using Nixie might not work as some MIDI devices do not pass SysEx messages (or very large SysEx messages) through.

Settings required for the Timeline/Bigsky/Mobius

In Strymon Global Settings:

  • Set MIDI Channel to an independent channel





It is possible to update the Strymon Timeline/Bigsky/Mobius using the MC6MKII or MC8 as the USB MIDI Interface.

PC/CC not working with Timeline etc

The MIDIPA and MIDICT setting needs to be turned on in the Timeline in order for it to respond to incoming PC and CC messages.

Controlling the Strymon Compadre, Riverside and Sunset

These pedals do not have an in-built isolator in the MIDI port. If you are experiencing noise issues, where your MIDI messages are causing a “tick” sound in your audio, there is likely a ground loop. Strymon sells a 5-pin MIDI to TRS cable which has an inbuilt opto-isolator for these devices. This should help resolve the noise issues. Alternatively, you can try cutting the ground in your TRS MIDI cable and check if it resolves the issue.

MIDI Clock not working on the Timeline

Presets on the Timeline can be set to follow the incoming MIDI Clock, or follow its own pre-set BPM. If the MIDICL setting is turned ff for the preset, it will not respond to MIDI Clock.

Connecting Strymon TRS MIDI Devices

It is possible to use a standard TRS cable to connect the Omniport directly to the Strymon TRS MIDI IN port. The Omniport settings needs to be set to “MIDI OUT - Standard”.

Alternatively, you can use a Type A DIN5 to TRS cable adaptor to connect the DIN5 MIDI OUT port directly.

However, do note that the Strymon TRS MIDI devices do not have an inbuilt opto-isolator, so there might be potential for ground loops. More info: There is MIDI Noise in my Audio signal

Strymon sells a MIDI Exp cable with a built-in isolator for their TRS MIDI devices: