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Switch Replacement


Replacing the foot-switches on your Morningstar controller is a relatively straightforward affair. If you ordered a switch directly from us, the wires do come pre-soldered so there is no soldering required when replacing the switch.

Steps to replace the switches

Removing the backplate

The backplates on your MC3, MC6MKII or MC8 need to be removed. It is secured by 4 screws and can be removed with a Phillips Screwdriver.

After removing the backplate, you will be able to see the circuit board, which needs to be removed.

Removing the Circuit Board

The circuit board is secured by 4 screws to the enclosure, as well as the Omniport nuts.

If you are replacing Switch A, B, C or D on the MC8, you will not need to remove the circuit board as the switches are easily accessible.

Firstly, remove the circuit board, you will need to remove the Omniport nuts.

Next, you can proceed to remove the screws that are securing the board to the enclosure.

On the MC8, the circuit board is connected to the LCD via a short ribbon cable, so that needs to be removed on one end as well. The ribbon cable on the MC3 and MCMKII is longer, so you do not need to remove the cable to access the switch.

Replacing the switch

Once you have access to the switch, you can proceed to unscrew the switch nut that is securing it to the enclosure. The wire on the switch is connected to the circuit board via a 2-pin connector. You’ll need to unplug the connector so you can remove the switch.

The connectors are physically located to the switch location closest to it. For example, if you look top down on the circuit board while it is in the enclosure, the connector for Switch A will be lower-right-most connector.

When tightening the nut on the new switch to secure it to the enclosure, be sure to hold it in place while tightening, and not let it rotate and push against the side of the enclosure when it is being tightened.

Switch height

The top row of switches are set higher than the bottom row of switches. This height can be adjust by the nut on the switch.

Closing up

After replacing the switch, you’ll just need to reverse the the steps above to close it up.

If you are having any issues with replacing the switches on your controller, please do not hesitate to email us.

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