Check your MIDI cable and connection

If you think you are having issues with the MIDI OUT port on your controller, please first check that you have tried a different MIDI Cable to rule out the possibility of a faulty MIDI cable.

Also, please check that you have the MIDI Cable inserted correctly to the MIDI OUT port. The MIDI OUT port on the MC6 and MC8 have 7 pins, while regular MIDI cable has 5 pins. Hence, it is possible that you might have angled the MIDI cable wrongly when connecting to the MIDI OUT port.

Testing the MIDI OUT port

  • Connect the MIDI OUT port back to the MIDI IN port, so the MC6/8 will send a MIDI message back to itself.

  • Set the MIDI Channel on the MCx to MIDI Channel 1

  • Turn off MIDI Thru.

  • Program a Preset to send a PC#1 message on MIDI Channel 1.

  • Engage the Preset. When the MCx receives this message, it will change to Bank 2.