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Working with other products

Browne Amplification Protein Overdrive V3

The Protein V3 allows you to split the Blue and Green side to use them independently.

You’ll need to use a few Stereo to Dual Mono cables to utilise this feature.

There is a switch inside the pedal that needs to be flipped to the “split” position to use it this way. Remove the four screws from the back panel and flip the switch to the split position.

Using one ML10X stereo loop

You will need 4 Stereo to Dual Mono cables for this, along with 4 TRS cables. This lets you maximise the ML10X loop by utilising the Tip and Ring connections in a single loop.

Using two ML10X stereo loops

You will need 2 Stereo to Dual Mono cables and 2 mono cables for this. This will take up 2 ML10X loops, and discards the Ring connection on each loop (ring is connected to ground when a mono cable is used).

Will the Creation Music Company Minicake TS plugs fit the ML10X?

Based on the dimensions given on their website, yes.

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