Global Settings

MIDI Channel

Choose what channel you want the ML5 to receive MIDI messages on.

Hold down Switch E while powering up the ML5. Once the ML5 is powered up, release Switch E. The Learn button will flash quickly and continuously.

Then perform any of the following:



Switch A

Omni. The ML5 receives messages on all MIDI channels.

Switches B to E

Sets ML5 MIDI channel to 1,2,3 or 4 respectively

Send PC/CC message

Sending a PC or CC Midi message to the ML5 through a particular MIDI channel sets it to that MIDI channel.

Muted Switching

Hold down Switch D before powering up.

The ML5 circuit is designed to keep switching noise to a bare minimum. However, you may have certain devices that are more prone to switching noise, such as devices that use an internal charge pump.

The ML5 has a muted switching function for pedals that may produce noise or a pop sound when engaged/disengaged in an audio loop. The audio mute can be applied to specific loops, such that the signal mutes only when those loops are being switched. The audio mute is applied to all loops in the factory default settings.

To edit your muted loops, simply hold down Switch D before powering up your ML5. Once the Learn button is lit, release the switch, and the Learn button will blink continuously. Also, loops that have are programmed to be muted will engage (blue LEDs will be lit). From here, simply select the loops you want muted, and then press the Learn button to save the settings.

Muted Switching Timing

Hold down Switch C before powering up.

The timing of the mutes can be set. Simply hold down Switch C before powering up. Release the switch once the LEARN LED lights up, and it should start blinking. Select between the shortest delay (Switch E) and longest delay (Switch A).

PC Toggle

Hold down Switch B before powering up.

The ML5 can be set to toggle between bypass and active by sending a PC message that engages the currently active loops. For example, if loops A, B, and C are active, and if you send a PC message that is set to engage loops A, B and C, those loops will bypass instead. By default, this setting is disabled.

To toggle between this setting, hold down Switch B before powering up. The LEARN LED should blink to acknowledge the setting.

Note: This feature was set to be permanent for the early batch of ML5s (Serial number less than #10020). However, we do acknowledge that not all users appreciate this feature. Please email us with your order ID and ML5 serial number, and we will send a newly-programmed chip over. You’ll just need to swap the chip out with the new one.