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Omniport Relay Interface Manual


The Omniport Relay Interface (ORI) allows you to interface the Omniports on your MC3 / MC6MKII / MC8 with other devices that has switching inputs.

The ORI has

  • a 9VDC Center Negative input

  • a Omniport In 1/4” Jack to connect to the Omniport with a TRS cable

  • a Relay Out 1/4” Jack to connect to the switching input of the device that you want to control

The LED indicators on the ORI lights up

  • Power - when the ORI is connected to a power source

  • Tip - When the Tip connection is shorted to Ground

  • Ring - When the Ring connection is shorted to Ground

The ORI allows you to safely control other TRS switching inputs without damaging your Omniports. There is no standard for TRS switching and different devices works at different voltages and currents. Hence, the ORI is required to safely interface the Omniports to other TRS switch inputs.

Relay Out

The Relay Out jack is a TRS jack that switches by pulling the

  • Tip to Ground

  • Ring to Ground

  • Tip and Ring to Ground

Configure Omniport Settings

In the Configure Omniport settings for your MIDI controller, set the port to Ext Omniport Relay Interface

After which, connect a TRS cable from the Omniport to the Omniport In jack in the ORI.

Program your Preset

To control the ORI, simply program a preset in your MIDI Controller. Use the Morningstar Relay Interface message type, then select the Omniport that your ORI is connected to.

Next, select the action you want for the Tip and Ring when the preset is engaged.

The available options are:

  • Tap - NO

    • Shorts the connection to ground momentarily before reverting back to a Normally Open (NO) connection

  • Tap - NC

    • Breaks the connection to ground momentarily before reverting back to a Normally Closed (NC) connection

  • Engage

    • Connect to ground

  • Disengage

    • Break the connection from ground

  • Toggle

    • Toggle between engage and disengage



Requires at least 80mA at 9vDC


Relay Contact Rating

120VAC / 24VDC at 1A

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