More info about using Fractal Audio products with MIDI and their MIDI capabilities can be found here:

Fractal Integration Feature

  • Only works with the MC6MKII and MC8, and with the FM3 or AxeFX3.

  • MIDI OUT from MC8 needs to be connected to MIDI IN on Fractal device.

  • MIDI OUT from the Fractal device needs to be connected back to the MC6/8 MIDI IN

  • Settings needs to be correct on the Fractal device

    • MIDI Thru OFF

    • MIDI Mapping ON

  • Settings on the MC6/8

    • MIDI Thru OFF

    • Cross MIDI Thru OFF

Fractal Tuner Feature

Send Realtime SysEx setting on the FM3 / AxeFX3 needs to be turned on.