General Questions

How do I set an external aux controller to change banks?

Connect an aux controller to the MC6 with a stereo cable. Be sure to change the expression input type to Fixed Switch Custom in the Main Configuration Menu. Then just select the desired options on what you want each switch to do.

My MCx hangs at the main preset screen.

If you have an aux switch connected to the Omniport, it is likely that it is a Normally Closed (NC) switch. The MCx requires a momentary Normally Open (NO) switch. If a NC switch is used, the MCx will read it as a switch being pressed down, which makes it seem like the controller has hanged.

How do I paste a preset to all banks?

Go into the preset edit menu and then copy the preset. After the preset is copied, hold down the Paste button for 2 seconds. The device will paste the copied preset to all banks for the current active preset.

How do I set the expression pedal to send different CC messages per preset?

The expression pedal inputs work on a per-bank basis, where every bank has a different expression preset. Each expression preset has 16 midi messages that you can program. By changing banks on the MC6, you can send different CC messages. You can also send different CC messages in each expression preset in the same bank by using your standard presets A-L. By programming a Select Exp Message midi type in your preset, you can select which of the 16 midi messages in your expression preset to be active. Hence, when using your expression pedal, only the selected messages will be sent out.

There is a lag between the time when I press the switch and the time when the MIDI message is sent out. How can I fix this?

There are several possibilities to this.

Switch sensitivity

This can be adjusted in the Switch Sensitivity setting in the Main Config menu. The switch sensitivity determines how fast dual switch presses are read. A lower sensitivity will make it easier to engage a dual switch press function. If you change the setting to 5, you'll notice that the delay will decrease. You can make use of the Looper mode function, which decreases the delay to close to 0. However, you'll find that dual switch presses to change backs etc are not possible in this mode.

Double Tap

If you have a Double Tap action programmed into your preset, there will be a delay as the controller is checking if a Double Tap action will occurring, before sending out the message.

How do I lock my banks so that Switch A+B or B+C will not bank down or bank up?

Set your Switch Sensitivity to the maximum. This reduces the delay when a switch is pressed, and hence makes engaging dual switch functions harder.

Or, enable Dual Switch Lock in the Controller Settings.

How do I display PC Scroll numbers in the Preset Name?

It is possible to display the PC Scroll number in the Preset name by using a placeholder %E0 to %E7. Since there are 8 slots in the PC Scroll function, %E0 will display the number in the first slot, while %E7 will display the number in the 8th slot. %E1 will display the number in the second slot.

If I have a preset with a PC Scroll Up message on Slot 1 (incremental set to Yes), and my preset name is set to Prst%E0, and assuming that the preset number in slot 1 is at 6, on the main preset page, the preset name will appear as Prst6 .

How do I make only the last engaged preset blink?

There is the Clear All Preset Toggles setting in the Bank Settings. If this feature is turned on,it will clear the toggle of all the presets in the bank except for the preset that is just engaged. If all your presets has the blink and toggle function turned on, pressing on Switch A will cause only Preset A to blink, while pressing on Switch B after will cause Preset A to stop blinking and Preset B to blink.

How do I send a MIDI message on bank change?

Use the Bank Presets to execute upon entering or exiting a bank.

Does the MCx work as a MIDI Host?

No, it does not. Hence, you cannot control other MIDI devices via USB MIDI, without a USB MIDI Host converter.

Does the MCx pass MIDI messages through from MIDI IN to USB MIDI?

Yes, the MCx can pass certain messages through to USB MIDI

  • PC Messages

  • CC Messages

  • Note Messages

Expression issues

My expression pedal sweeps from 0 - 100% very quickly. Help!

Your pedal is likely using a Log potentiometer, usually used in Volume pedals. You will need to use an expression pedal with a Linear potentiometer instead.

MIDI Clock

How do I use a tap in a tempo without the MC6 displaying the Tap Tempo menu?

Use the MIDI Clock Tap message type to tap in a tempo and start the MIDI clock.

Can the MC6 pass MIDI Clock messages through from MIDI IN to MIDI OUT?

Yes, MIDI Clock messages can be passed from MIDI IN to MIDI OUT (both USB MIDI and DIN5 MIDI).

Aux Switches

My Boss FS-7 cannot work with the MC6

The FS-7 needs to be powered in order to be used as a momentary aux switch. Be sure to check the polarity settings as well.