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Firmware v3.12.1 Release

Effective from 18 Dec 2023


We’ve finally released Firmware v3.12.1 for the MC3, MC6MKII, MC6 PRO and MC8!

For the MC6 PRO, there are many bug fixes mostly related to edge use cases. Most of you will probably not even notice them but for those that do, you’ve probably already been using the beta firmware or hopefully this bring some respite.

For all the models, we’re excited to make your MIDI Controller even more capable with the new features and enhancements added.

Editor Notes

The live editor has also been updated to support the v3.12 firmware. Using an outdated firmware with the latest editor will not work.

If you are still on the v3.11 firmware (or earlier), fret not. You can always find the links to the editors that support each firmware at the bottom of the editor.

Here are the direct links for your convenience

  1. Live Editor (always supports the latest available firmware. Currently v3.12)

  2. Editor for Firmware v3.11

  3. Editor for Firmware v3.10

If your User Library / Editor settings are not yet backed up, you can still use the demo mode in the Live Editor to download your data and load them into the respective editors.

Firmware and Release Notes

Please read thorough the RELEASE NOTES for the firmware before updating

You can find the release notes and firmware file of each model here.





If you’re unfamiliar with updating the firmware, please read Updating your Firmware

In case you encounter any issues with the update, please read Firmware Upload Failure and My device is "Bricked"

Notable New Features

The full list can be found in the release notes but we’ll touch on some exciting new features here.

Bank Jump for TRS Aux Switch

You can now assign a Bank Jump function to an aux switch connected to the Omniport

Resistor Ladder Aux Switch

The omniport now supports a resistor-ladder style aux switch, which allows you to connect up to 8 or 16 switches (depending on model) to Omniport 1.

Calibrating your Resistor Ladder Aux Switch

Send MIDI messages only to specific MIDI ports based on MIDI channel

You can now filter out MIDI messages sent to specific MIDI OUT ports based on the MIDI channel.

More info here: Sending MIDI messages only on selected ports

This applies to MIDI clock as well: How to limit MIDI Clock to specific ports

Line-6 (rheostat / TS) style expression pedals now compatible!

Since we launched, we’ve only support the common TRS type expression pedal. We’re excited to add support for TS-styled expression pedals. The calibration menu has also been updated so be sure to check this out: Setting up your Expression Pedal

What’s next?

Since releasing our first MIDI controller in 2016, software development has continued where hardware limitations permits, and we are committed to bringing you exciting new features in the years ahead. We’re currently looking into cloud integration for the editor to better enhance the editing workflow.

Thanks again for all your support and we’re excited to be part of your musical journey in the years ahead.

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